EBUKHOSINI SOLUTIONS offers custom made, specialized solutions within a wide range of services related to Afrikan-Centred education and methodology. We provide innovative approaches and qualitative results. Here is a list of the professional services we provide:

  •  Consulting services
  •  Education services

Consulting Services

CONSULTING; We develop Afrikan-centred concepts


EBUKHOSINI SOLUTIONS designs templates, methodology, plans and programs in relation to history, politics, culture, indigenous knowledge, social development and leadership

  • Conceptualization of creative ideas and solutions within business/academic/government/community environments
  • Transdisciplinary research, knowledge production, curriculum and program development
  • Theory and methodology; referencing existing sources and developing new material
  • Writing of essays, position papers, presentations and training manuals


Some examples of programs we have conceptualized:

  • Phakamani Training Program (R.I.S.E. Mzansi – artist empowerment program, South Afrika)
  • Afuraka; Training Program for Community Leaders on Social Cohesion (City of Johannesburg)
  • “Conscious” – school program on racism (Afrikan Youth In Norway, Norway)
  • Contributing sub-chapters to Lead Facilitator Manual for “Public Service Reorientation Program” (South African National School of Government)

Education services

EDUCATION; We provide Afrikan-centred learning


EBUKHOSINI SOLUTIONS engages stakeholders in pedagogic action through presentations, training and exposure to knowledge

  • Lectures, workshops, speaking engagements and tours
  • Capacity building, training and exchange programs on leadership, entrepreneurship, cultural knowledge and integrated practices
  • Multi-dimensional infusion of creative, preventative and holistic methodologies
  • Transformative work through reflective advisory processes, group work and counselling
  • Knowledge production (research and publishing of booklets and training manuals)


Some examples of educational programs we have coordinated:

  • Ukuzimisela Youth Leadership Program (S. T. Leadership Development Initiative / Olive Leaf Foundation, South Afrika)
  • Implementation of Afrikan-Centred Community Curriculum (Africa World Studies Institute, The Netherlands)
  • “Afrikan History Week Community Festival” – teaching history through the arts (AHW Norway, Norway and Afuraka / City of Johannesburg, South Afrika)
  • Speaking engagements and tours in South Afrika and several others countries in Afrika, the Caribbean and Europe