EBUKHOSINI SOLUTIONS is a community-based company specializing in Afrikan-centred solutions to social, political and cultural challenges. We specialise in education, training, knowledge production, leadership development and youth/community empowerment.


EBUKHOSINI SOLUTIONS is 100% Black-owned and Black-managed, and we provide our services from a genuinely Pan-Afrikan perspective, drawing solutions from Afrika’s vast history and wisdom, and making them relevant in a modern context. The company was founded in 2002 and has a solid track record of providing expertise in transformative approaches; creating Afrikan solutions to Afrikan problems.


“eBukhosini Solutions” means “house of royalty”. The name articulates our aspiration for the standards of excellent performance, ethical conduct and ambitious achievements we want to be representative of. We create practical solutions with awareness, dignity and drive




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The philosophy of EBUKHOSINI SOLUTIONS is to apply Afrikan-centred perspectives on all levels: This means that we reason, propagate, draw from, contribute to and practice indigenous and contemporary Afrikan sources of literature, knowledge, science, history, oral wisdom, symbolism, philosophies and activism on all levels of our operations.


The overall objective of EBUKHOSINI SOLUTIONS is to promote education, awareness, skills development, political consciousness and cultural knowledge – and through this, contribute to community development by rendering services marked by efficient delivery, innovation and high-quality standards.


At EBUKHOSINI SOLUTIONS we see our target market as a broad base of partners with whom we seek to collaborate for positive change, informed by Afrikan values. This may include educational institutions, corporations, government offices, advocacy groups, community organizations, youth groups, academic departments, activist networks, international bodies, commercial entities, professional networks, public and private enterprises, schools, NGOs and cultural organizations. We also offer mentorship, counselling and advice to individuals and families.




TEBOGO  buntu


Area of specialization: Indigenous Knowledge Systems, training, personal development, facilitation of learning/healing journeys, divine femininity and project coordination.


Tebogo Buntu is an educator and practitioner who facilitates learning journeys on Afrikan-centered wellness, a practice that is rooted in Afrikan, holistic epistemology. She is also the founder of KANDAKA - Women’s Initiative, a platform for Afrikan women dialogues for awakening the Divine Feminine. She holds the following academic qualifications: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Resources Management, Honours Degree majoring in Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Master of Education in Philosophy of Education.

Healing services: Tebogo Buntu also facilitates a healing practice, applying wisdom from Afrikan Indigenous Knowledge to assist clients in matters of conflict resolution, generational trauma, womb-health, holistic living and emotional balance. For information and appointments: info@ebukhosinisolutions.co.za

baba a. o. buntu

Executive Director

Area of specialization: Youth/Community empowerment, methodology development, political and cultural philosophy, lecturing, training, research, mentorship, counselling, Afrikan masculinity and project management.

Dr Baba Buntu is the founder of eBukhosini Solutions and holds a Doctoral and a Master Degree in Philosophy of Education from UNISA. His educational background also includes Social Work (BA), Developmental Studies and Group Therapy. With more than 35 years of experience, he has a long track record with work related to social justice, innovative entrepreneurship, cultural empowerment and decolonial learning processes. He is also the founder of SHABAKA – Men of Afrika, an empowerment program for Black men. As a researcher, facilitator, knowledge holder, practitioner and international lecturer, his work is focused on epistemic justice, Afrikan-centred solutions, community development, racial traumas and restorative therapy.

Counseling services: Dr Baba Buntu also provides a counseling service, using Afrikan-centred approaches to heal inner wounds; restoring imbalances within the African Self and Family, caused by spiritual disconnection, cultural illiteracy, generational trauma and racialized disempowerment. For information and appointments: info@ebukhosinisolutions.co.za



PitsiRa YaMabala Ragophala is a community educator, Rites of Passage Coach for young men, entrepreneur and artist. He has studied with Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute and Amen Ra Institute, and is a qualified Bantu Yoga Instructor and Kemetic Oracular System Interpreter. Ragophala has done extensive work throughout communities in South Africa, and with Afrikan-Centered organizations in New York City, USA. He has facilitated countless workshops and coordinated programs aiming at empowering men, promoting Afrikan leadership, expanding indigenous cultural knowledge and providing training in voice projection and public speaking.

Board Members


Board Member

Khanyisa Mhlongo is a specialist in PR and Social Media Management, currently obtaining a Diploma in Communications and Media Studies at UNISA. She is also an entrepreneur and an empowerment activist. Mhlongo got involved with eBukhosini Solutions at a young age, and in 2011 she helped to found the Nubian Book Club; developing reading spaces for children. Since then she has served on a number of committees and been involved as facilitator, program coordinator and educator. She currently manages eBukhosini’s communications strategy.


Board Member

Yonela Boya is a graduate in Horticulture from Cape Peninsula University of Technology and is currently a boiler making apprentice. He is also a poet and a published author. Boya started his engagement with eBukhosini Solutions with an internship in 2018. He has served the organization in many capacities, such as program coordinator, facilitator, community mobilizer and administrator. He has been a consistent coordinator within SHABAKA, Black Education MasterClass Series, KWANZAA and Afrikan Winter Skool programs.


Deputy Board Member

Nompumelelo Shabangu is a graduate of the GIBS Social Entrepreneurship Programme and graduate of the Wits Drama for Life ( Theatre of the Oppressed Course). As an advocate for holistic learning journeys for children, she co- founded the School of Universal Light; a homeschooling collective that is passionate about turning education on its head. Shabangu joined eBukhosini Solutions in 2009 and subsequently volunteered to assist with a number of eBukhosini programs: Afrikan Lunch, Kwanzaa events and community workshops. She has served on several committees and has also been a frequent facilitator and speaker.

Shabaka Hard Core Team


Shabaka HCT Elder

Elder. Advisor on Strategic Leadership and Cultural Values


Shabaka HCT Member

Team Leader and community organizer.

In SHABAKA: Coordinator of Men On The Mountain (online) and facilitator for TeenTalks, Level 2.


Shabaka HCT Member

Social Sciences graduate and published author. 
In SHABAKA: Coordinator of Men On The Mountain (online) and facilitator for TeenTalks, Level 1


Shabaka HCT Member

In SHABAKA: Coordinator of Black Men’s Lekgotla and community outreach.


Shabaka HCT Member

Game developer and Web services specialist.

In SHABAKA: Coordinator of Public Relations and facilitator for TeenTalks, Level 1.

mangala mangala

Shabaka HCT Member

Educator, writer and performer.

In SHABAKA: Coordinator of programs.